The model-specific Markov embedding problem for symmetric group-based models
Together with my PhD student Muhammad Ardiyansyah and Dimitra Kosta we study the model specific embedding problem for symmetric group-based models in phylogenetics. We provide a characterisation of model embeddable Markov matrices corresponding to symmetric group-based phylogenetic models. Our paper is published in the Journal of Mathematical Biology.
Olga Kuznetsova wins Second Place Poster Award at MEGA 2021
My PhD student Olga Kuznetsova won shared Second Place Poster Award at MEGA 2021 for her poster Algebraic Degree of Optimization Over a Variety. The poster is based on our recent preprint Algebraic degree of optimization over a variety with an application to p-norm distance degree together with Olga Kuznetsova and Luca Sodomaco. Congratulations, Olga!
Distinguishing Level-2 Phylogenetic Networks Using Phylogenetic Invariants
My PhD student Muhammad Ardiyansyah has just posted his first single-authored paper on arXiv. In the paper, he studies the distinguishibility of simple and semisimple level-2 phylogenetic networks extending the earlier work on large-cycle and level-1 networks. Congratulations, Ardi!
EWM open letter on COVID-19
European Women in Mathematics published an open letter on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The letter focuses on the impact of the crisis on untenured mathematicians, women and parents. Linked to the letter is also a Resources & Discussion Page.